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MLF Membership

With an MLF Bass Fishing Membership, you’ll join the largest tournament fishing network in the world and have immediate access to expert-level fishing tips sourced from the sport’s best anglers. Built on decades of experience and success, MLF membership is the one-stop solution for any serious angler or fan.

For R800 per person, gives members six issues of Bass Fishing magazine, Instant access to digital magazine archives, 25% off apparel, Additional savings on accessories and other items, MLF decal, Tournament Angler eligibility, Access to SCORETRACKER™ Insider, Exclusive promotions and discounts on custom jerseys and claim an official MLF RSA record.

One of the highlights of membership is the Bass Fishing magazine. Printed six times a year, Bass Fishing dives deep into tournament tactics from every level of MLF competition, features profiles with interesting anglers and gives you insight into must-have new gear. The internet is great for a lot of things, but no fishing fan should be without Bass Fishing magazine. 

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