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MLF South Africa Records

Have you caught a record size bass? Then here is an opportunity for anglers to claim an official MLF South Africa record.

Catches can only be considered for record status if they are caught according to MLF South Africa and International Game Fish Association Rules. Following is information on record categories, requirements, and procedures for filing claims, based upon the IGFA system.


Record Categories


MLF South Africa maintains records for largemouth and smallmouth bass in line class, tippet class and open categories.

In order to qualify for a record, a catch must be a minimum of 0.450kg in weight, and must out weigh the existing record by the required amount.

The catch must not be at variance with any laws or regulations governing the species or the waters in which it was caught.

When an additional species of game fish is made eligible for MLF South Africa records, the effective date will be announced. Fishes caught on or after the effective date will be eligible for records. Announcement of an additional species in the SA BASS magazine or in any other SA BASS publications will be considered proper notification in lieu of any other notice.     



Open records are kept for fish caught by an angler on a line class other than that in the line class categories, or that are the heaviest for the species. Open record claims are considered for fish caught according to MLF South Africa angling rules.

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